SmartLipo™, as the name suggests, is one of the most advanced liposuction techniques ever developed. Also known as laser lipo sculpting, it is one of the least invasive techniques available for fat removal of small to medium sized areas of stubborn, undesirable fat. Laser Lipo is a laser-assisted surgical treatment which offers an alternative solution to traditional liposuction and Velashape, and has proven extremely effective in helping patients improve their body shape and contour.

What are the SmartLipo™ Treatment Areas?

Traditional liposuction is effective – it helps restore or build up your self-confidence, and improves your appearance by reducing your weight through the removal of the larger pockets of fat from your body.

SmartLipo™ does so much more for you. This laser lipo is comprehensively more precise body sculpting technique, with far more effective results, and it promotes skin tightening, regardless of your age.

The procedure of laser lipo involves 1 to 2 mm small incisions, and takes approximately one hour per treatment area to complete. It is performed with local anaesthesia, which allows you to return to your life and routine with the most minimal of hassle and recovery time. The recovery period is extremely short, with many clients returning to work within two days. SmartLipo™ helps to tighten the treated areas, leaving a smoother, leaner, more streamlined appearance.