Dermal fillers

Cheek and Chin Implants

Facial implants can be used for the reconstruction, reshaping or rejuvenation of the underlying facial framework. Though any facial area can be modified by the use of facial implants, the chin and cheek implants are the most common areas for facial augmentation.

The chin and cheek implants are to restore the lost volume of the face as a result of ageing process or weight loss. These implants also helps in improving the harmony of the facial features and also improve the outcomes of other facial cosmetic surgery such as chin implant can be used to create a balance with a small nose.

The chin and cheek implantation involves the placement of some synthetic substance deep inside the subcutaneous skin tissues and on the underlying bone. There are many different kinds of facial implants available. The choice of the facial implant depends largely on the prior experience of the plastic surgeon, desired appearance of patient and which will give the desired results.

There are many ways in which chin and cheek implants are different from the other cosmetic surgeries. There are multiple options available for cheek and chin implants. The procedure involves minimal surgical access and it often gives dramatic results. The incisions are generally made at the inconspicuous sites which allow minimal scarring. The procedure of cheek and chin implant surgery is often combined with other facial cosmetic surgery treatments like facelift or rhinoplasty to obtain optimal results.

Chin implant and alteration

Cosmetic chin implant surgery can enhance the facial profile of a person through creation of a proportional balance with respect to other facial features like neck, nose, forehead and lips.

  • Chin Reduction Surgery: It is possible to reduce the size of large chin through surgery. For the chin reduction surgery, the incision is made inside the mouth as well as beneath the lower lip. The bone contouring instruments are used to reduce the size of the chin bone. After surgery is done, incision is closed and a special surgical tape is applied over the chin. The chin reduction surgery can be conducted alone or along with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures such as facelift or surgical rhinoplasty.

  • Chin Implant Surgery: It is possible to augment the small chin by using different kinds of implants. These chin implants are inserted into the chin by making an incision underneath the chin or behind the lower lip from inside of the mouth. The chin implant is placed in a pocket that is created at the chin’s tip. It is possible to hide the scar by adopting an oral surgical approach. After closing the incision the special surgical tape is applied to provide support to the chin for several days that helps in preventing swelling and prevent the accumulation of fluids.

    Another option to make chin more prominent is to move the part of bone forward towards the tip of the chin. This helps in making the chin more visible and can also provide the required vertical changes to the chin. For this chin surgery, the incision is made inside the mouth in the lower lip area. The chin bone is cut just above the chin’s lower border and below the front of lower teeth. Then the chin is detached cautiously positioned forward and is braced through wires or plates or screws.